The Madness of George III

April 13

June 12, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by Alan Bennett
directed by Penny Metropulos

Highly recommended... Groener commands stage as ‘George III’ for the ages—he should not be missed!

Chicago Sun-Times


The Play

Tony Award-winning British playwright Alan Bennett (The History Boys) has garnered worldwide acclaim as "arguably the best playwright in England" (The New York Times). This sharply witty, surprisingly heartfelt story chronicles the palace intrigue surrounding King George III's struggle to maintain political power, aided by the love of his devoted queen. The monarch's endearing exultations and fiery rage evoke an 18th-century King Lear. Celebrated director Penny Metropulos, who spent 19 seasons with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, stages this marvelously intelligent masterpiece.

The medical practices of the time border on the barbaric, and the King, whose condition worsens, is subjected to evermore horrible treatments. Just when the Parliament is about to vote for the Regency—in other words, for the Prince of Wales to be king in all but name—George III recovers, and his monarchy is saved, at least for the next decade or so.



The Madness of George III

Video: Director Speaks about The Madness of George III

Video: Scenic Design in The Madness of George III


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The Players

Creative Team

Penny Metropulos Director

Alan Bennett Playwright

William Bloodgood Scenic Designer

Susan E. Mickey Costume Design

Diane Ferry Williams Lighting Designer

Rob Milburn and Michael Bodeen Sound Designers

Melissa Veal Wig and Makeup Design

Eva Breneman Dialect Coach


Bradley Armacost Dr. Baker

Richard Baird Prince of Wales

Danielle Brothers Margaret Nicholson

Patrick Clear Dr. Warren

Kevin Cox Braun

Jeff Cummings Fox

William Dick Dr. Pepys

Patrice Egleston Lady Pembroke

Rob Glidden Sir Boothby Skrymshir

Harry Groener George III

Kevin Gudahl Captain Fitzroy

Torrey Hanson Dundas

Erik Hellman Greville

Jonathan Hicks Ramsden Skrymshir

Mark D. Hines Fortnum

Nathan M. Hosner Mr. Pitt

Ora Jones Queen Charlotte

David Lively Thurlow

James Newcomb Dr. Willis

Steven Pringle Papandiek

Brian Rooney Sheridan

Alex Weisman Duke of York

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