Teacher Programs

"Attending your workshops has reignited my passion for Shakespeare’s work. I am ready for the challenge." 
–Teacher, De La Salle Institute High School, Chicago

From the start of Team Shakespeare more than two decades ago, Chicago Shakespeare Theater has viewed its work with classroom teachers as an active partnership—combining the unique areas of expertise brought to the table by both a professional theater focused on Shakespeare and a group of professional educators focused on teaching literature and reading. 

CST offers numerous learning opportunities throughout the year to support educators’ professional growth, including participating in free, hands-on teacher workshops and accessing our specialized on-site library of teaching resources.

CST is also deeply committed to serving teachers in Chicago Public Schools through Bard Core, a year-long professional learning seminar that introduces CPS high school English, Special Education, and ESL teachers to drama-based strategies for engaging students—including struggling and reluctant readers, and English language learners—with Shakespeare and other challenging texts. 





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