• Barbara Gaines   Artistic Director Carl and Marilynn Thoma Chair 
  • Rick Boynton   Creative Producer
  • Kara Riopelle   Managing Director
  • Michael Ross   Interim Executive Director 
  • Paige Whitson-Martini   General Manager
  • Bob Mason   Artistic Associate/Casting Director
  • Daniel J. Hess   Company Manager
  • Aislinn Frantz   Associate Producer
  • Alexis Taylor   Casting and Producing Associate
  • Jo Ann Woolley   Executive Assistant and Special Projects Manager
  • Mersedez Hoover   Assistant to the Creative Producer
  • Sasha Rechler   Casting Administrative Assistant

  • Tony Bondoc   Arts Leadership Fellow
  • Sadaf Habib   Arts Leadership Fellow
  • Delaney Piggins   Arts Leadership Fellow
  • Roxanna Conner  Interim Director of Education
  • Nora Carroll   Associate Director of Education 
  • Grace Grindell   Learning Programs Associate 

  • Julie Stanton   Director of Marketing and Sales
  • Hannah Kennedy   Director of Communications
  • Emma Perrin   Public Relations and Digital Media Manager
  • Mikayla Shaw   Marketing Assistant
  • Scott Letscher   Ticketing Services Manager
  • Sonja Pardee   Box Office Supervisor
  • Devin Faught   House Manager
  • Phoebe Silva   Assistant House Manager
  • Jaz Fowlkes   Box Office Associate
  • Micah Hazel   Box Office Associate
  • Aurthur King   Box Office Associate
  • Ash Pierce   Box Office Associate

  • Emily Arthur   Guest Services Associate

  • Dani Brown   Guest Services Associate
    Sam Castillo   Guest Services Associate
  • Leah Johnson   Guest Services Associate
  • Olivia Leslie   Guest Services Associate
  • Philip Macaluso   Guest Services Associate
  • Jessica Plummer   Guest Services Associate

  • Julie Ravenscroft   Guest Services Associate

  • Addison Roberts  Guest Services Associate

  • Alex Rosas   Guest Services Associate
  • Ben Stumpe   Guest Services Associate

  • Eliana Tirone   Guest Services Associate
    Jada Woodard   Guest Services Associate
  • Natalie Brandy   Concessioner
  • Steven Kornkven   Concessioner

  • Tanner McCormick   Concessioner
  • Shay Turnage   Concessioner

  • Steve Solomon   Interim Director of Development
  • Makeda Cohran   Events Director
  • Martha Bangiola   Associate Director of Development
  • Carlos García Léon   Individual Giving Manager

  • Jessica Leyva   Development Associate and Board Liaison

  • Finley Jones   Development Coordinator

  • Katie Tresnowski   Director of Finance and Administration
  • Jessica Hollie   Director of Human Resources
  • Dan Thomas   Controller
  • Alysse Hunter   Assistant Controller
    Gianna Schuetz   Human Resources and Company Management Specialist
  • Alejandra Sujo   Accounting Associate
  • Mac Vaughey   Director of Production
  • Alexa Berkowitz   Assistant Director of Production
  • Caryn Klein   Costume Shop Manager
  • Cathy Tantillo   Costume Design Assistant
  • Ash Berg   Draper

  • Janelle Manno   Costume Technician

  • Ryan Magnuson   Costume Shop Assistant

  • Yas Maple   Stitcher

  • Emily Brink   Crafts

  • Sarah McIntosh   Wardrobe Supervisor

  • Jenn Giangola   Dresser

  • Laura Holt   Dresser

  • Naomi Arroyo   Dresser Cover

  • Alec Thorne   Lighting and Video Supervisor

  • Arianna Brown   Assistant Lighting and Video Supervisor

  • Joan Claussen   Lighting Crew Head

  • Anna Katharine Mantz   Properties Supervisor
    AnnaMae Durham   Assistant Properties Supervisor
  • Dan Nurczyk   Properties Crew Head
  • Nicholas Pope   Sound Supervisor
  • Dan Schreck   Sound Crew Head

  • Ashley Adams   Hair and Make-up Assistant

  • Sarah Collins   Hair and Make-up Attendant

  • Rebecca Wilson   Hair and Make-up Attendant

  • Anna Marie Gorsuch   Hair and Make-up Attendant

  • Tyler Metoxen   Technical Director
    Bradley Buri   Stage Crew Carpenter Head
    Jack Birdwel   Stage Rigging Head
    Megan Boyle   Carpenter
    Justin Faifer   Carpenter
    Chris Culver   Stagehand
    Amber Hahn   Run Crew Cover
    Grace Weaver   Run Crew Cover

  • Mark Kozy   Operations Director
  • Jeanne Devore   Technology Manager
  • Kevin Spellman Jr.   Technology and Innovation Specialist
  • Daniel Lopez   Facilities Manager
  • Felix Ross   Custodial Manager
  • Dwayne Brewer   Custodial Assistant
  • Anthony Davis   Custodial Assistant
  • Diane Turley   Custodial Assistant
  • Deloristine Washington  Custodial Assistant

  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP   Auditor
  • Campbell & Company   Fundraising Consultant
  • Captrust   Investment Advisors

  • PJH & Associates, Inc   Fundraising Consultants

  • Jasculca Terman   Communications Consultant
  • Linda Orellana   Finance Consultant
  • Cathy Taylor PR   Public Relations Consultant
  • Chris Plevin   Production Consultant

  • Marilyn J. Halperin   Education Consultant
  • Erica Lynette Edwards   IDEA Consultant
  • Medical Program for Performing Artists / Maria E. Reese, MD   Medical Services
  • University of Illinois Occupational Health Services Institute   Medical Services
  • Aon Private Risk Management   Insurance Services
  • Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, LTD; Kirkland & Ellis, LLP;  McDermott Will and Emery;  Nevin Law Group, PLCC   Legal Services
  • Elizabeth Bartlow Breslin (CI/CT), Sheila Kettering (CI/CT), Will Lee (NIC), Al Raci (CI/CT)  ASL Interpreters
  • Jason Harrington   Audio Describer

  • c2   Captioning Services

  • Regina Buccola, PhD   Scholar-in-Residence 
    Stephen Bennett, PhD; Katie Blankenau, PhD, Casey Caldwell, PhD; Elizabeth Charlebois, PhD; Vanessa Corredera, PhD; Rebecca Fall, PhD; Sara B.T. Thiel, PhD   Guest Scholar Lecturers

  • Michael Brosilow, Justin Barbin, Tyler Greenberg, Liz Lauren, Joe Mazza—Bravelux, Chuck Osgood, Vito Palmisano, Jeff Sciortino    Photographers
  • HMS Media, Calvin Steinken   Video Production


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