• Paige Whitson-Martini   Director of Producing
  • Daniel J. Hess   Producer, Artistic Engagement and Experience
  • Bob Mason   Artistic Associate/Casting Director
  • Aislinn Frantz   Associate Producer
  • Alexis Taylor   Casting and Producing Associate
  • Tyler Meredith   Interim Executive Assistant
  • Karina Patel   Assistant to the Creative Producer
  • Delaney Piggins   Arts Leadership Fellow

  • Nora Carroll   Interim Director of Education
  • Grace Grindell   Learning Programs Associate 
  • Mersedez Hoover   Education Programs Associate 
  • Julie Stanton   Director of Marketing and Sales
  • Hannah Kennedy   Director of Communications
  • Latanya Hodges   Digital Marketing Manager
  • Emma Perrin   Public Relations and Digital Media Manager
  • Olivia George   Graphic Designer
  • Mikayla Shaw   Marketing Assistant
  • Scott Letscher   Ticketing Services Manager
  • Sonja Pardee   Box Office Supervisor
  • Devin Faught   House Manager
  • Phoebe Silva   Assistant House Manager
  • Natalie Brandy   Box Office Associate
  • Jaz Fowlkes   Box Office Associate
  • Micah Hazel   Box Office Associate
  • Aurthur King   Box Office Associate
  • Ash Pierce   Box Office Associate

  • Emily Arthur   Guest Services Associate

  • Dani Brown   Guest Services Associate
  • Meghan Cameron   Guest Services Associate
    Sam Castillo   Guest Services Associate
  • Grace Cummings   Guest Services Associate
  • Leah Johnson   Guest Services Associate
  • Olivia Leslie   Guest Services Associate
  • Philip Macaluso   Guest Services Associate
  • Jessica Plummer   Guest Services Associate

  • Julia Ravenscroft   Guest Services Associate

  • Alex Rosas   Guest Services Associate

  • Claire Stevens   Guest Services Associate

  • Becky Wilson   Guest Services Associate

  • Erika Wilson   Guest Services Associate

  • Jada Woodard   Guest Services Associate
  • Suzie Glover   Concessioner
  • Tanner McCormick   Concessioner
  • Chamaya Moody   Concessioner
  • Jack Saunders   Concessioner

  • Emily Hansen   Director of Development
  • Makeda Cohran   Events Director
  • Carlos García Léon   Individual Giving Manager

  • Finley Jones   Development Coordinator
  • Nathan Wetter   Donor Services and Data Coordinator
  • Katie Tresnowski   Director of Finance and Administration
  • Dan Thomas   Controller
  • Alysse Hunter   Assistant Controller
    Gianna Schuetz   Human Resources and Company Management Specialist
  • Alejandra Sujo   Accounting Associate
  • Amal Salem   People Operations Assistant
  • Mac Vaughey   Director of Production
  • Alexa Berkowitz   Assistant Director of Production
  • Tyler Metoxen   Technical Director
    Tobi Osibodu   Stage Crew Head
    Bradley Buri   Stage Crew Carpenter Head
    Jack Birdwell   Stage Rigging Crew Head
    Bobby Noe   House Carpenter
  • Chris Culver   House Technician
  • Ryan Magnuson   Costume Department Manager
  • Cathy Tantillo   Costume Design Assistant
  • Ashley Berg   Draper/Workroom Supervisor

  • Jenn Giangola   Wardrobe Supervisor

  • Teagan Anderson   First Hand

  • Yas Maple   Stitcher
Lighting and Video
  • Alec Thorne   Lighting and Video Department Manager
  • Arianna Brown   Assistant Lighting and Video Department Manager
  • Joan E. Claussen   Lighting Crew Head
  • Nicholas Pope   Sound Department Manager
  • Dan Schreck   Sound Crew Head
Hair and Make-up
  • Ashley Adams   Hair and Make-up Department Manager
  • Anna Katharine Mantz   Properties Department Manager
    AnnaMae Durham   Assistant Properties Department Manager
  • Dan Nurczyk   Properties Crew Head
  • Mark Kozy   Operations Director
  • Jeanne Devore   Technology Manager
  • Kevin Spellman Jr.   Technology and Innovation Specialist
  • Daniel Lopez   Facilities Manager
  • Felix Ross   Custodial Manager
  • Dwayne Brewer   Custodial Assistant
  • Anthony Davis   Custodial Assistant
  • Ferris Robertson   Custodial Assistant

  • Deloristine Washington  Custodial Assistant
  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP   Auditor
  • Campbell & Company   Fundraising Consultant
  • Captrust   Investment Advisors

  • PJH & Associates, Inc   Fundraising Consultants

  • Jasculca Terman   Communications Consultant
  • Linda Orellana   Finance Consultant
  • Cathy Taylor PR   Public Relations Consultant
  • Chris Plevin   Production Consultant

  • Marilyn J. Halperin   Education Consultant
  • Erica Lynette Edwards   IDEA Consultant
  • Medical Program for Performing Artists / Maria E. Reese, MD   Medical Services
  • University of Illinois Occupational Health Services Institute   Medical Services
  • Aon Private Risk Management   Insurance Services
  • Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, LTD; Kirkland & Ellis, LLP;  McDermott Will and Emery;  Nevin Law Group, PLCC   Legal Services
  • Elizabeth Bartlow Breslin (CI/CT), Sheila Kettering (CI/CT), Will Lee (NIC), Al Raci (CI/CT)  ASL Interpreters
  • Jason Harrington   Audio Describer

  • c2   Captioning Services

  • Regina Buccola, PhD   Scholar-in-Residence 
    Stephen Bennett, PhD; Katie Blankenau, PhD, Casey Caldwell, PhD; Elizabeth Charlebois, PhD; Vanessa Corredera, PhD; Rebecca Fall, PhD; Sara B.T. Thiel, PhD   Guest Scholar Lecturers

  • Michael Brosilow, Justin Barbin, Tyler Greenberg, Liz Lauren, Joe Mazza—Bravelux, Chuck Osgood, Vito Palmisano, Jeff Sciortino    Photographers
  • HMS Media, Calvin Steinken   Video Production


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