CST Leadership

Artistic Director
Carl and Marilynn Thoma Endowed Chair

Barbara Gaines

Associate Artistic Director
Gary Griffin

Executive Director
Criss Henderson

Creative Producer
Rick Boynton




Artistic Associate/Casting Director
Bob Mason

Associate Producer
Heather Schmucker

Producing Associate
Manager of International and Special Projects

Doreen Sayegh

Casting Associate
Laura Durham

Producing Assistant
Rosie Bross 

Casting Intern
Diego Zozaya



General Manager
Deborah Vandergrift

Company Manager
Daniel J. Hess

Executive Assistant
Samantha Braziller

Assistant Company Manager
Salvador F. Garza

Arts Leadership Fellows
Javier Dubon
Sarah Laeuchli
Kevin Spellman

Company Management Intern
Alana Davis





Director of Education and Communications
Ray and Judy McCaskey Endowed Chair

Marilyn J. Halperin

Education Outreach Manager
Jason Harrington

Learning Programs Manager
Molly Truglia

Education Associate
Roxanna Conner

Interim Learning and Outreach Associate
Sara Thiel

Regina Buccola, PhD

Guest Lecturers
Stephen Bennett, PhD
Casey Caldwell, MFA
Elizabeth Charlebois, PhD
Rebecca Fall, MA
Ira Murfin, MFA

Education Interns
Krystal Rose Bross
Tracy Koenn




Director of Finance
Linda Orellana

Human Resources Manager and Finance Associate
Dan Grycza

Assistant Director of Finance
Alana Rybak

Accounting Manager
Alysse Hunter

Accounting Associate
Molly Briggs




Managing Director for Development and External Affairs
E. Brooke Flanagan

Deputy Director, Advancement
Hilary Odom

Director, Campaign and Major Gifts
Dottie Bris-Bois

Senior Advancement Manager / Board Liaison
Kristen Caruso

Advancement Manager / VIP Concierge 
Laura Milkulski

Advancement Manager
Samuel Ostrowski

Advancement Communications Manager
Erin Strick

Donor Relations and Research Coordinator
Caitlyn DeRosa

Campaign and Major Gifts Coordinator
Ashantis Jones

Gala and Institutional Relations Coordinator
Samantha Plotner

Advancement Intern
Reuben Ross
Qi Zhang


Director of Audience Development
Alida Szabo

Marketing Director
Julie Stanton

Public Relations Consultant
Cathy Taylor

Public Relations Manager
Hannah Kennedy

Shakespeare in the Parks Project Manager
Sarah Laeuchli

Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks Assistant Project Manager
​Eric Kirkes

Shakespeare in the Parks Community Engagement Consultant
Monica Melendez

Senior Marketing Manager
Amanda Cantlin

Marketing Assistant—Advertising and Publications
Jessica Connor

Marketing Assistant/Office Administrator
Jennifer Jones

Marketing Interns
Kayla Reardon
Jane Recker

Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks Interns
Beth Geatches
​Kier Zimmerman




Director of Production
Chris Plevin

Associate Director of Production
Jeff Williams

Production Coordinator
JoHannah Hail

Production Office Manager
Emmaline Keddy-Hector

Production Management Apprentice
Lucinda Allen

Production Assistant Intern
Paty Lopez



Stage Management

Production Stage Manager/Associate Producer
Deborah Acker

Stage Managers
Sammy Brown
Alex Dearmin
Kevin Dwyer
Kaitlin Kitzmiller
Carrie Taylor
Vickie Whooper

Production Stage Manager
Dennis J. Conners

Stage Management Intern for Madagascar – A Musical Adventure
Alex Meyer




Assistant Technical Directors
Angela McMahon
Robert L. Wilson

Stage Crew Head
Brian Coil

Stage Carpenter Head
Bradley Buri

House Carpenters
Jack Birdwell
Adam Held
Michael Janssens
Nathan Serviss
Adam Todd

Stage Crew Apprentices
Emily Smith



Costume Shop Manager
Ryan Magnuson

Costume Design Assistant
Cathy Tantillo

Crafts Supervisor
Melissa Bochat

Wardrobe Supervisor
Rebecca Doroshuk

Costume Shop Apprentice
Emily Owens

Jess Kenyon
Matthew Powell

Head Draper
Lise Stec


Margaret Hofmann

First Hands
Amy Prindle
Ruthanne Swanson
Carol Schaberg

Greta Humphrey
Yas Maple
Robert Kuhn
Elise Petrucci
Tyler Phillips
Erika Senase
Beth Uber
Renee Werth

Craft Artisan
D.J. Reed

Costume Interns
Brady Irwin


Lighting Supervisor
Jeff Glass

Assistant Lighting Supervisor
Alec Thorne

Lighting Crew Supervisor
Joan E. Claussen


Billy Borst
Arianna Brown
Kendall Cole
Brian Elston
Luke Gerhardt
Jack Horwith
Rachel Lake
Nicole Malmquist
Owen Nicoles


Sound Supervisor
Palmer Jankens

Sound Crew Head
Joe Disbrow

Sound Crew
Paul Perry
Andrew Sours
Dan Carlyon



Wigs and Make-up

Wig and Make-up Supervisor
Richard Jarvie

Wig and Make-up Assistant
Miguel Armstrong


Wig and Make-up Attendant
Elizabeth Coffin

Wig and Make-up Apprentice
Jennifer Moore



Properties Supervisor
Cassandra Westover

Properties Carpenter
Lisa Griebel

Properties Crew Head
Dan Nurczyk

Properties Intern
Sarah Merrill



Facilities and Operations Director
Susan Knill

Technology Manager
Jeanne Devore

Assistant Facilities Manager
Daniel Lopez

Custodial Supervisor

Richard Tenny

Custodial Assistants
Maribel Cuevas
Marc Jackson
Rockie McCray
Shenise Thomas
Richard Valencia

Ticketing, Guest Services and Events

Box Office and Guest Services Manager
Rachael Swann

Events Director
Makeda Cohran

Box Office Supervisor
Scott Kloosterman

Front of House Supervisors
Madelyn Tomko

Concessions Supervisor
John Kuinius

Guest Services Leads
Mel Gill
Claudia Roy

Guest Services Associates
Maryam Abdi
Vivian Aguilar
Gabriel Alaniz
Dy'anna Augustus
Erin Baker
Megan Clauhs
Michael Conroy
Kyle Cornell
Max Covill
DJ Cummings
Kass Haroun
Jennifer Huddleston
Liz Jarmer
Peyton Lynch
Clio McConnell
Almanya Narula
Reginald McKamie
Johnathan Nieves
Rachel Penn
Andrew Piechota
Jen Sloan
Abigail Walburn

Saints’ Volunteer Usher Coordinators
Chris Simek
Sharon and Tom McLean


Consultants and Special Services

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Fundraising Consultant
Campbell and Company

Marketing Partner
Arc Worldwide, A Leo Burnett Company

Communications Consultant
Ann M. Cunniff, Chicago Creative Works

Public Relations Consultant
Jasculca Terman

Sales Consultant
SMART Marketing

Medical Services
Medical Program for Performing Artists / Aaron R. Gilbert, M.D.

Insurance Services
Aon Private Risk Management, Steven Hein

Legal Services
Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, LTD
Nevin Law Group, PLCC

Michael Brosilow
Bill Burlingham
Liz Lauren
Micheal Litchfield
Joe Mazza
Chuck Osgood
Vito Palmisano
Daniel Ribar
Jeff Sciortino
James Steinkamp

Video Production
HMS Media, Inc
Potluck Creative




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