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“Ideas and activities presented are ready to use in my classroom. I could teach this next week.”

–Teacher, Crete-Monee High School, Crete, IL

"Treating the text as a script will forever change the way I teach Shakespeare."
–Teacher, Curie High School, Chicago

It will come as no surprise to anyone who once studied Shakespeare in school that his plays can pose a real challenge to students—and to teachers. They also offer enormous, incomparable opportunities. In addition to developing convenient background essays on Shakespeare and theater, Chicago Shakespeare designs drama-based teaching strategies that can help students of all reading levels to comprehend and engage with Shakespeare and other challenging texts. By using some of the same techniques that enable actors in the rehearsal room to break open Shakespeare’s language and capture the emotion, intention and meaning behind the words, teachers engage their students with text in interactive and authentically engaging ways. Introducing drama-based strategies into the classroom offers teachers a powerful tool for increasing fluency and comprehension, encouraging empathy, and exploring character perspective and choices. Access our complete collection of teaching resources, including downloadable teacher handbooks filled with introductory materials, articles and teaching activities for each stage of classroom study.





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