The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

Chicago Shakespeare’s home on Navy Pier is expanding in exciting ways. Just outside our doors, a crescent-shape structure is taking shape—connecting our existing two theaters to a third, year-round, performance venue, The Yard. Read more about this innovative space in the Chicago Tribune feature

Introducing a new trend in theater architecture to Chicago, The Yard redefines the traditional, fixed relationship between artist and audience, offering instead flexible configurations that have the potential to surprise you on every visit. The design features a series of mobile “towers” that allow for the space to be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes, with audience capacities ranging from 150 to 850. With this adaptable theatrical platform, artists will be able to shape their work without physical constraints.

When The Yard opens Fall 2017, our three-theater campus will enable us to offer you more productions, extend runs of successful shows, and double our service to students.

See the Bold, New Space
Renderings illustrate how The Yard will expand Chicago Shakespeare’s theatrical campus on Navy Pier.

Chicago Tribune Feature
The Yard’s towers are almost ready to fly at Chicago Shakespeare

Follow the Build
Underneath the existing white canopy, one can see the structural steel frame and roof decking that will soon become a fully enclosed indoor theater.

Watch the Towers In Action
Each mobile tower—the size of a city bus stood on its end—contains three levels of seating. Together, they create a radically new, adaptable performance arena.

Watch BuiltWorlds Project Innovation
The innovation doesn't stop at the versatile playing space. Executive Director Criss Henderson takes us behind the scenes at the construction site.

Construction Launch Celebration
Donors to the Our City, Our Shakespeare Campaign and civic leaders “left their mark” on a structural steel beam for The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare on September 8, 2016.





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