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As in our schools across the country, theaters, too, are responding to a world changed by the presence of COVID‑19. As we continue to work through various models for a performance calendar and programming for next year, we hope to hear from you, our teachers. Would you take a few minutes and help us think about how best to serve our community of teachers and students in the coming months by completing this short survey?

We can’t wait to see you and your students back with us next year in a variety of ways—at performances, teacher workshops, our high school SLAM. To all of you, here’s to a summer ahead of refueling and healing—and learning—as we all continue to navigate, in the best ways that we can, these uncharted spaces of education.

"First off, WOW. Your production was nothing near what I was expecting. It simply blew me away. I walked in expecting to see hoop skirts, but your modern take helped me connect to Shakespeare in ways I never could have predicted."
–Student, Marion Catholic High School, Chicago Heights, IL

"The performance stopped time for me."
–Student, Mount Carmel High School, Chicago

Each year, 40,000 students are introduced to Shakespeare through the work on our stages and on tour to their schools. For middle and high school teachers, our work supports and enriches their own work in classrooms across Chicagoland and the Midwest.  As a dynamic complement to classroom study, we know that there is simply no better way to authentically engage students in Shakespeare than through the unmatched power of live performance. The work on our stages shared with students is the same production that our adult audiences enjoy each evening and weekend, and that has garnered Chicago Shakespeare awards internationally, nationally, and locally—including the coveted Tony Award for Regional Theatre.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater offers both full-length and abridged mainstage productions at our home on Chicago’s Navy Pier—a destination field trip that your students will long remember. Our abridged Shakespeare production, first staged in our Courtyard Theater on Navy Pier, also tours to area schools. All we need is an auditorium equipped with lights and sound!





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