The Our City, Our Shakespeare raised $38,287,600 in investments for The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare; $23,437,900 in artistic venture and endowment fundsOver the past three decades, Chicago Shakespeare has created a company as bold as our eponymous playwright. What began as a fledgling enterprise has today evolved into a Tony Award-winning Theater that annually welcomes 225,000 audience members to as many as 20 productions; serves 40,000 students and teachers through dynamic education programs; and fosters cultural exchange by bringing the best international theater to Chicago.

The home we built for Shakespeare on Navy Pier in 1999 was straining to house all of this work, and a generous community of donors answered our call for help. With their partnership, Our City, Our Shakespeare: The Campaign for Chicago Shakespeare Theater has expanded our campus with a third theater: The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare. Additionally, the initiative has provided artistic and endowment funds to support every play and education program for generations to come.

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Dottie Bris-Bois
Interim Director of Development


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