The Merry Wives of Windsor

December 3

January 19, 2014

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by William Shakespeare
directed by Barbara Gaines

The Story

The citizens of Windsor lead decidedly provincial lives. The men go to work, the children go to school--and the women? They take care of everything else. Masters Page and Ford are two well-to-do citizens whose daily lives convivially converge in this country town.

Then Sir John Falstaff bursts onto the scene and schemes to seduce two wealthy Windsor wives in a last-ditch effort to buttress his sagging finances: Mistresses Page and Ford, as it happens. While the wives, privy to his plan, step forward to take matters into their own capable hands, Master Ford falls hook, line and sinker for the rumors spread by Pistol and Nym, who have their own agenda after being dismissed from Falstaff’s service.

Sir John is not the only one with amorous ambitions in Windsor. As the wives deflect Falstaff’s advances, the Pages’ daughter is pursued by several bachelors of varying desirability: Slender, the dimwitted nephew of a local justice; Dr. Caius, a Frenchman whose reason is subordinated by his emotions; and Master Fenton, a young nobleman whose life is changed by falling in love. Enter Mistress Quickly, who serves as a go-between for any soul in need of assistance.

Scandal, suspicion and sweet revenge reign presently in Windsor—until order can be restored and life continue in merry fashion.

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