Scott Silven's

The Journey

January 12 - 24, 2021


A WorldStage Production from the UK
created and performed by Scott Silven

Silven’s use of storytelling and setting creates something genuinely magical


Under the guise of reading your thoughts, Silven does something more astonishing: he refreshes your outlook



An extraordinary landscape. A powerful connection. A unique moment in time. For more than a decade, renowned illusionist, mentalist and performance artist Scott Silven has mesmerized audiences around the globe with seemingly impossible feats. Now, he invites you on a journey from your home to his in rural Scotland. This all-new, immersive and intimate experience, live and online, will captivate and astonish you. Hear a long-forgotten story, reveal the mysteries of your own mind, and unlock the secrets of Silven’s glorious Scottish homeland through his remarkable illusions.

With a maximum of only 30 participants per show, each interactive event is constructed by you, by your own sense of home and connection, and by your fellow travelers inhabiting the same digital space. Together, you’ll discover the path that connects you to Silven’s past, your own present, and a collective future. The Journey awaits.

"I realize just how lucky I am to connect with people across the world and share something positive from this time. To take a moment to step back and reflect and realize that, even in fragmented times, we can still find new forms of connection."  –Scott Silven


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Critical Acclaim

"Rare and moving... tricks that are beyond our wit begin to shade into truths that are beyond our understanding," declares The Scotsman.
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About the Artists

To create the world of The Journey, Silven has teamed up with award-winning designers from Broadway and the West End, as well as Scotland's leading creative talents.
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What to Expect

Featuring beautiful cinematic imagery and high-definition immersive sound, this event is streamed through a cutting-edge digital space. See what you’ll need to take part in The Journey.
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The Players

Creative Team

Scott Silven Creator and Performer

Allie Winton Butler Director

Jeff Sugg Designer

Rob Drummond Writer

Gareth Fry Sound Designer

Jherek Bischof Composer

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