King Charles III

The Story

Charles, Prince of Wales, has spent his lifetime watching and waiting—watching his mother and father rule, and waiting for his time to ascend the throne of England. Only the most elderly among his countrymen can clearly recall a time without their queen, now the longest reigning monarch in England’s history. With his mother’s death, the prince at last receives his time to rule. He is put to the test immediately when a law severely limiting the freedom of the press is passed by Parliament and awaits his signature, as tradition dictates. But Charles will not.

The ensuing crisis envelops the Royal Family, the government and the country. Prince William and his wife Kate struggle with Charles to see reason and, for the protection of the future of the Monarchy, implore him to sign the bill. Camilla defends her husband and his decision as the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition present a united front to preserve the power of Parliament. And Prince Harry, immersed in his own struggle of identity and personal freedom, falls in love with an artist, Jess, who rejects the role of the Monarchy entirely. The country is thrown into crisis as it rethinks Britain’s unwritten constitution, its traditions of a sovereign’s role and the power of their elected officials. And England’s most famous family must discover itself, in all its complexity, once again, and the people underneath these crowns and majesty.

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