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Welcome to Team Shakespeare Digital! Here, you’ll find a variety of classroom activities, along with other resources you can share with students. Each component provides instructions with ideas for physical and digital classrooms, and many include videos that model teaching the activity. Included too are printable, ready-to-use text excerpts to share with students or to use as you model a new activity. We offer these resources to help your students dive into reading complex text in new, active ways. Let us know what they and you discover along the way!

Community Building Activities

Our Community Builders will inspire your students—in your classroom or video conference environment—to work together, stepping out of their comfort zone in a fun, low-stakes environment.

Reading a Performance

Sharpen your students’ skills as close readers and critical thinkers by “reading” side-by-side scenes from past Chicago Shakespeare productions.

Playing with Words

Help your students gain confidence as they dive into the language, through play, to see what they discover in Shakespeare’s words, about characters, the play’s big ideas—and themselves.

Text Summarizing Activities

Here, we offer up-on-your-feet approaches to text summarizing—adaptable for before or after reading—giving your students creative ways to enter a new text, review, and analyze.

In Conversation with Artists

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to act in a play? We’ve curated conversations with our artists as they respond to students’ questions. Listen in!

Scholars' Points of View

If you want to dive deep into a particular play, you’ve come to the right place! Chicago Shakespeare guest scholars are featured in our teacher workshops and Season 1 of our podcast, ASIDES, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, and more!

Multimedia Tools

Here, you’ll find Spotify playlists that you can share with your students, and recordings of our Teacher Talks, where you can be inspired by new ideas.

More Resources

Explore our play-specific teacher handbooks, or our set of literacy activities that fit any text. Take a look backstage to see where a play is first created, or watch a series of sonnets performed. There’s so much to discover!





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