Short Shakespeare!


January 22

March 5, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by William Shakespeare
adapted and directed by David H. Bell

Critical Acclaim

“Clever fun..."Short Shakespeare! Macbeth" appeals to young audiences without coming across as dumbed down. The school-age audience with whom I viewed the show seemed to enjoy the down and dirty fight scenes and the percussive sound effects, led by composer/drummer Ethan Deppe. Bell has clever fun with double-casting, but the tragic consequences of unchecked lust for power come through with enough intensity to satisfy both those encountering the play for the first time and those who would like a quick and intelligent reminder of its grim allure. ”

     Chicago Shakespeare Theater delivers an exemplary Macbeth for everyone, whether you are an ardent admirer of the complete works of Shakespeare, want to introduce children to the Bard or are just curious about the power and sanctity of the celebrated playwright. The young cast energetically translates the guts of the play through harsh battle sequences that use the whole theater arena. Leslie Bevan's Lady Macbeth is simply awesome. Mike McNamara's Banquo handles the florid language with depth and directness. Dorcas Sowunmi cuts a fine form as the main witch and the frightened Lady Macduff, with other cast members taking on supporting roles with equal intensity. Chicago Shakespeare Theater continues to illuminate the immortal Bard resplendently for contemporary audiences.”

   Short Shakespeare! Macbeth is a riveting adaptation with killer visual effects. The talented and ever-moving 14-member cast enters and exits with a frantic urgency. This enthralling pace is enhanced by drumming and flashing lights. The fight scenes are dangerously authentic. The entire ensemble delivers the action and verse with passionate perfection.”

“Engaging, fast-paced and fun. The fight-scenes are well-choreographed, well-executed and something kids (everybody, really) will definitely enjoy. The actors deal with the language well, so people will be able, if they are unfamiliar, to pick up the language as the play goes on. It is, overall, a very good introduction to the English tongue's greatest playwright. And for kids and their parents—it's fantastic.”

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