in Love

April 15

June 11, 2017

at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

based on the screenplay by Marc Norman + Tom Stoppard
adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Critical Acclaim

Chicago Tribune
"Uniformly well-acted…a warm, enjoyable night at the theater. It’s a love story, fundamentally…and it is most especially a love letter to the theater penned and re-created in Chicago by those who work there, and thus love it the most."

"Highly Recommended. Rarely does a stage adaptation of a famous film deliver the charm, wit, humor and romance of the film. But this production, now running at Chicago Shakespeare, absolutely delivers. One of the finest plays seen on a Chicago stage this year!"

"The Chicago production finds the emotional depth that made the film so great. Both an archly witty, highly entertaining romp and a moving meditation on the relationship between art, love and immortality."

"Exhilarating…a tsunami of high-energy creativity. The play is basically a fun romance, highly theatrical, and especially well cast. The physical production is impressive, and that final act will knock the audience for a joyous loop."

"A lively romp. It’s witty, romantic and exceptionally well-staged. A highly entertaining story and a vibrant production."

"Heartfelt and beautiful, sure to be a hit. Translating on-screen magic to the stage takes care and finesse; this staging, helmed by director Rachel Rockwell, hits the mark."




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in Love

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