The Q Brothers

Othello: The Remix

April 12

May 8, 2016

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a hip-hop adaptation of
William Shakespeare’s Othello
written, directed and composed by GQ and JQ
developed with Rick Boynton


Roderigo / Loco Vito / Bianca

JQ (Creator/Director/Composer/Marley/Belle/Present/Lil' Tim) returns to Chicago Shakespeare Theater, where his credits include: Q Brothers Christmas Carol; Othello: The Remix (at CST and on tour to London, Germany, Edinburgh, South Korea, Sydney, Poland, Melbourne, UAE, Auckland, and the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s 27th Annual Festival of New Musicals); and Funk It Up About Nothin’ (at CST and on tour to Edinburgh, New York, Australian, and London). Off-Broadway credits include The Bomb-itty of Errors (DJ/Composer). Along with his brother GQ, he co-created a two-man version of The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Oregon Shakespeare Festival commission, Illinois Shakespeare Festival). He also co-created I Heart Juliet (ISF) with the Q Brothers Collective. The Collective's work can also be seen in the forthcoming LIZ! based on Lysistrata (The Flea Theater) and Long Way Home based on the Odyssey (Chicago Children’s Choir). Television credits include Scratch and Burn (MTV) and Boston Public. JQ’s awards include: two-time Jeff Award Best Ensemble for Funk It Up About Nothin’ and Othello: The Remix; the Dress Circle Award from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for Best Musical for Funk It Up About Nothin’; and the Best Musical and Best Lyrics awards from the MTM Awards for Othello: The Remix. He is also co-host of health, body care, and shaving vlog called Smallflower TV, with eldest brother TQ. @foulmouthpoet 

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