Mary Stuart

February 21

April 15, 2018

CST's Courtyard Theater

in a new version by Peter Oswald
directed by Jenn Thompson

Critical Acclaim

"An electrifying update of Schiller’s royal drama."

"Peter Oswald’s juicy new adaptation…has a fierce timelessness in its depiction of political power games."

"Peter Oswald’s brilliant adaptation…manages to say more incisive things about the political climate today than many contemporary works."

"One of the best portraits of political intrigue ever."

"A juicy historical drama…Peter Oswald, in his half-prose, half-verse adaptation of the much lengthier Schiller original, fully exploits the contemporary resonance."

"Peter Oswald’s new version vigorously shakes the dust off the Schiller text. This is no stodgy history lesson but a juicy regal smackdown rendered in direct, muscular language."

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