The National Theatre of Great Britain’s Landmark production of JB Priestley’s classic thriller

An Inspector Calls

February 19

March 10, 2019

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

A WorldStage Production from the U.K.
directed by Stephen Daldry

Critical Acclaim

“Spine-tingling. The production - lushly operatic, yet hard as steel - that grabs you by the throat and won't let you go.”

“There’ll never be a better production. An Inspector Calls always speaks to the changing political moment. I never tire of watching it. That’s partly because it looks astounding, but it’s also because it builds on the crusading provocation of Priestley’s 1944 original – an Edwardian thriller with a socialist purpose, tinged with a supernatural spin. Daldry’s big idea was to use the context in which the play was written to shed new light on its timeless concerns. Instead of keeping the thriller moored solely to its period setting, he collided it with the concerns of the late Second World War.”

“A riveting examination of conscience and class.”

“As fresh and mesmerizing as it was 17 years ago. For first timers it’s a three-act feast of the unexpected.”

“The production feels as thrillingly fresh and disconcerting as when it was first minted almost a quarter of a century ago.”

An Inspector Calls is a monumental, timeless image, reminding us that ‘community and all that nonsense’ should never be disregarded.”

“What a spectacle: this is bold, thinking, populist theatre, designed to entertain but also to boot you up the bum and shake the complacencies out of you.”

"Spectacular. If you haven’t seen it, you must. If you have, see it again"

"An epic for our epoch, a thrillingly physical piece of theatre – with the power to stir the heart as much as the mind"

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