Foro Shakespeare's

Enamorarse de un incendio

September 22 - 24, 2016

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

A World's Stage production from Mexico
written + directed by Eduardo Pavez Goye

The Scenes

Scene 1
Viviana and Vicente are screenwriters who used to date. Viviana is now with Stephan. They have been hired to write a series for a TV broadcaster. The producers send feedback. They all go to Celeste's flat (the script assistant) to figure out what story to tell. Vicente wants to talk about what love is. They decide to go and buy some beer.

Scene 2
Renata is home to steal a painting by Jean Dirage from her parents, Bélgica and Federico. They discover her plan and ask her where she’s been, as they haven’t seen or heard from her in years. She's been in the UK, lost all her money gambling on illegal dog fights, and now owes money to the Mafia.

Bélgica decides to give Renata the painting. Renata thanks her, and reveals she is dying of cancer.

Scene 3
Roberto is an art dealer, and Julián is a painter who only paints flowers. Roberto tries to convince him to paint more marketable work, such as people or revolutionary pictures that he can sell in the tumultuous political landscape of Mexico in 1930. Julián refuses. Roberto calls Marlene, his new wife, to come and be painted by Julián.

Julián confesses his love for Marlene in Spanish, thinking she won't understand it.

Afterwards, Marlene confesses she speaks perfect Spanish.

Scene 4
Vicente, Viviana and Stephan return with beer. Vicente insists on arguing about what love is: an activity, an action, not an object. Viviana is tired and wants to start working on the project for the TV station.

Viviana asks Vicente why he was sleeping when their daughter choked on a plastic bag. "What is it that you really want, Vicente?" she asks. Celeste proposes they all play a board game to relax.

Scene 5
Roberto brings Ester, an important art dealer, to Julián's house. Julián doesn't want to show her any of his paintings and would prefer she leaves.

Julián confesses to Roberto that he and Marlene are in love and will leave together for Europe. Ester leaves.

Julián gives Marlene's portrait to Roberto: a flower. Roberto wishes them the worst. Julián tells him maybe his paintings will be worth millions one day. He signs the painting as "Jean Dirage."

Scene 6
Renata's lover, Francis, arrives from the UK to speak with Renata's parents.

Bélgica tells Francis that Renata died from lung cancer a few months ago and left him a letter. Francis asks her to read it for him.

In the letter, Renata confesses to killing her own dog after losing at a fight. She's been dreaming of dead dogs hanging from trees ever since. Bélgica gives Francis the painting, even though she's not sure it's an original Jean Dirage: "Maybe it's a copy, and it's like being in love: we don't know what love really is, but we have a copy and we hang on to it because we don't want to lose it." Francis kills himself.

Scene 7
Stephan, Celeste, Viviana and Vicente play a board game. Stephan draws "Pyromaniac" and says it's like being in love with forest fires.

After the game, Vicente and Viviana fight again, and Vicente asks her for forgiveness.

Vicente tells the team they should write "the ultimate love story" and tell all the possible love stories in the world, combined. They all dream about what that TV series would be. "The best love story is all the love stories together. And they are burning inside, making a fire that tickles the heart of the world. And that fire is the only thing we have in our lives."

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