Ride the Cyclone

September 29

November 8, 2015

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

book, music and lyrics by
Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell
directed and choreographed
by Rachel Rockwell

Critical Acclaim

(of 4) Quirky, bizarre, emotionally hefty and rather tantalizing... Ride the Cyclone is poised to take the musical world by storm. It is edgy and just dangerous enough to feel fresh and yet completely steeped in the traditions of musical theater. Don’t wait...this show will be sold out faster than you can say ‘decapitated.’”

Time Out Chicago
(of 5) Director Rachel Rockwell’ s staging is deliciously fresh and inventive, with smart use of Mike Tutaj’s gorgeous projection design. And the spot-on cast makes everything of their material. It’s wackily, marvelously executed. As irreverent as it is accomplished, Ride the Cyclone does the job of any good amusement-park attraction: It makes you consider your mortality, but leaves you grinning ear to ear.”

“There is something special about this macabre musical, and the fundamental truth it expresses that makes Cyclone a worthy ride. This warmhearted, irreverent tuner by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell expresses its truths and tropes so cleverly, with such sincerity...their score, ranging from hip-hop and glam rock to torch and art songs, is such a delight. Their book and lyrics have wit and heart.”

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
Wickedly funny and really smart... a thrilling rollercoaster filled with more unexpected drops and wonderfully off-kilter moments than even the best carnival ride. Resoundingly affirms why taking the ride matters, even with all the unpredictable twists and turns awaiting us, further down the line.”

The Fourth Walsh
“This contemplation about living a full life is shockingly charming, profound and uplifting. And totally original! Not only are the songs wonderful, the singing is top-notch under the musical direction of Doug Peck. There are no speed bumps on this thrill ride! I absolutely loved Ride the Cyclone.”

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