The Adventures of Pinocchio

July 13

August 28, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music and lyrics by Neil Bartram
book by Brian Hill
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Who Is Pinocchio?

Pinocchio is a folk tale by an Italian writer named C. Collodi. Different versions of the same story are told all over the world. This is part of what makes folk tales so wonderful—they tell a special story that we may treasure for the rest of our lives. Talk about what you may already know about the story of Pinocchio. Have you read a book or seen a movie about Pinocchio? How would you imagine this play might be different from a book or movie you are familiar with? Try to guess how certain parts of the story will be shown on stage. What do you think Pinocchio will look like on stage? How about the Cat and Fox, or even the Whale on stage?!? Draw a picture of a scene you might see in the play.

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