The Adventures of Pinocchio

July 13

August 28, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music and lyrics by Neil Bartram
book by Brian Hill
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Create Your Own Adventure

The Adventures of Pinocchio was published in weekly installments in 1881, similar to the weekly episodes on TV shows today. Each week children would eagerly await the next adventure! One chapter tells of Pinocchio selling his ABC book, another about the five gold pieces tempting the cat and the fox, and of course the chapter where Pinocchio becomes a donkey! 36 chapters in all were published as episodes, telling of Pinocchio’s adventures. Now that you’ve seen the play, write your own episode for Pinocchio once he becomes a real boy! Draw a picture or write a story of another adventure Pinocchio might find himself in.

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