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The Odyssey

May 11, 2024

Courtyard Theater


Set sail for an adventure like no other, full of twists and turns. Together we’ll meet indulgent Lotus Eaters and seductive Sirens who test our focus, and face terrifying monsters who test our wit and our courage. As we follow Odysseus on his journey, the ensemble reflects on choice and agency and the hero in all of us. 

This vibrant re-imagining of the epic classic marks A.B.L.E.—Artists Breaking Limits & Expecations—and Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s 7th collaboration, most recently having co-produced A Midsummer Night’s Dream last spring. A.B.L.E's neurodiverse cast of 44 performers, including 24 actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities, weaves music, movement, shadow puppetry, and scenes devised by the group into a powerful and joyful celebration of the choices we make, and the challenges we face along our journey.  Each actor self-identified where their strengths lie as a performer, and were assigned to a chapter of the story based on their interests.

Accessibility at this performance

  • Open captioning
  • Dual ASL interpreted
  • Relaxed performance, including a designated movement zone, and sensory support tools
  • Wheelchair Access
  • To ensure immunocompromised performers and community members feel safe and welcome, all audience members should remain masked for the duration of their time at the theater

Can’t attend live? That’s okay! Performances will be available to stream On Demand from later this year

Cast & Crew

Co-Directed By: Braden Cleary & Katie Yohe

Re-imagined and devised by the A.B.L.E. Ensembles:

Spring 2024 Sunday Ensemble Actors: Colleen Altman, Colin Baar, Marissa Bloodgood, Jack Butler, Gabe Felshman, Samuel Floersheimer, Peter Grzeslo, Erin Harvey*, Emily Kwidzinski, Matt La Chapelle, Claire O’Leary, Jake Solworth

Facilitators: Amy Bahr, Lewis Beaver, Audrey Connelly*, Megan Gray, Marilyn Halperin, Chelsea Hosler, Jo Jennings, Jenna Rapisarda, Liam Schlosser*

Spring 2024 Monday Ensemble Actors: Christian Boyd, Sandia Coleman, Alena Counter Brown, Sophie Earvolino, Ryan Foley, Natalia Janik, Anna Luzadder, Maggie Marren, Matt Marren, Lucas Miezal, Sam Radinsky, Lucy Walsh

Facilitators: Andrea Bazzoli*, Kara Davidson, Shannon Diegel, Paige Henderson, Edith Luckos*, Kate McDuffie, Jeanine Peters-Gillette*, Margaret Sheils, Lindsay Stock

Music Consultant: Polly Yukevich

Puppet Consultant: Kara Davidson

Stage Manager: Anna Vu

More about A.B.L.E.

A.B.L.E.—Artists Breaking Limits & Expectations - is celebrating their 8th anniversary of creating theatre and film for, with, and by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A.B.L.E. engages actors ages 13 and up through ensembles and outreach programming. Whether in person or online, all A.B.L.E. programs strive to foster agency, and nurture lifelong skills like communication, collaboration, and creativity. A.B.L.E.'s ensembles have produced more than 25 projects for the stage and screen, ranging from adaptations of theatrical classics by Shakespeare, Dickens, and Gilbert & Sullivan, to original work, to innovative Zoom projects including Romeo & Juliet Remix. A.B.L.E.’s feature films have been recognized by several local and international festivals. By placing people with disabilities in the spotlight, A.B.L.E.’s work strives to shift societal preconceptions, and build more inclusive, empathetic communities. For more information about A.B.L.E., please visit and find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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