Producers' Guild

“Over the years, our productions have moved millions of people to the edge of their seats: to laugh, think, respond, reconsider, and grow. And we’re still growing.”
—Chase Levey, Founding Board Member, Producers’ Guild Liaison
“The Guild is a vibrant collection of young professionals committed to a thriving, world-class arts scene in Chicago. Along with its social angle—which includes sharing the Theater with friends and families and cultivating new CST fans—the Guild also offers a gateway into the full array of the CST activities. Whether you are passionate about acting, music or stage design; inspired by CST’s outreach to Chicago’s families and public schools; drawn to the amazing Shakespeare productions or offbeat WorldStage performances; or just committed to being a steward of one of the city’s great cultural institutions—the Guild allows you to be part of these things in uniquely intimate and enriching ways.”
—Andrew Levy, Current Producers’ Guild Member

Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s Producers’ Guild is a leadership group that shapes the future of CST by introducing new audiences to the Theater’s extraordinary productions and WorldStage series, promoting programs for families and collaborating with the Theater’s Board of Directors to expand the awareness of the Theater’s reach and significance in Chicago and beyond.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Producers’ Guild events including an annual Family Gala, private in-home events and family gatherings around CST programming
  • Receive VIP ticketing and interval service in addition to other Bard Circle Membership benefits
  • Attend behind the scenes events with artists and theater leadership.

Membership Commitments

  • Attend performances and introduce new friends to the theater throughout the season.
  • Two year commitment with an annual leadership gift at the Bard Circle level.



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