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For Students

Backstage Workshop: August 13

Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with theater professionals? Want to know more about what happens behind the curtain? Facilitated by Jenn Giangola, Wardrobe Supervisor, and Ashley Adams, Hair & Makeup Department Manager, come explore what happens in our costume shop, and leave with your own creation!

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Group of five performers on stage gesturing for audience members to clap along during the Chicago Shakespeare SLAM in the Courtyard Theater.

Chicago Shakespeare SLAM

Every year, more than 150 high school students and teachers from across the region unite to learn skills in text work, character building, staging, and—most importantly—come together as a SLAM community.

Group of young girls reading or singing from sheets of paper in an indoor setting.

Study Resources

From seeing other students perform Shakespeare’s text in a way that is immediate and relevant to unlocking clues in the text, find inspiration in our growing library of resources we’re collecting just for you.