Short Shakespeare!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

February 22

March 22, 2014

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by William Shakespeare
adapted and directed by David H. Bell
Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m.

We Asked the Cast, Have You Ever...

Acted Foolishly in the Name of Love?

Don Forston (Egeus/Quince)
When I was eight years old, I developed a crush on a very cute girl. I used to stand in front of her house and sing love songs to her. Sometimes she would watch from the window, but most of the time she would run and hide. Her mom would always listen and clap, and sometimes offer me cookies. That little girl never did talk to me.

Tiffany Yvonne Cox (Hermia) 
I was once in an argument with my boyfriend, and he refused to speak to me. I was not having that. So I snuck into his house and waited ‘til he came home to talk. It worked—but I let that relationship go soon after. That love was too tumultuous!

Ryan Hallahan (Demetrius)
I don’t dance. Ever. One night I was out with friends, and a girl I was crazy about tried to get me to dance. I refused, over and over. She said, ‘You don’t have to be good at dancing, you just have to be good at dancing with me.’ Well, that was it. I got up and made an idiot out of myself for about three hours while my friends laughed at me. I didn’t care. I had a blast.

Lanise Antonie Shelley (Hippolyta/Titania)
I grew up in Chico, California, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. In middle school I ran away with my best friend and childhood crush. We took his dog on a very long walk through the golf courses a few blocks from my house, and only returned home when the golf course sprinklers turned on at midnight—and I got scared of mountain lions...

Nate Burger (Lysander)
When I was in second grade, I was crazy about this girl, and so I scratched “NB+CR” into the brick wall of our school at recess. I thought it was sufficiently coded so that no one would ever know it was me. Super wrong. Not only did it alert everyone to the crush, but I spent the rest of the year living it down.



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