Short Shakespeare!

The Comedy of Errors


January 25

February 29, 2020

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

Touring Chicago schools through March 12
by William Shakespeare
directed by Eli Newell
adaptation & original direction by David H. Bell

Pure comedic bliss! A tightly packed, high-energy play that reaches everyone, regardless of age



The Play

Welcome to a world devoted to the absurd comedy of our endless, human errors! On Saturdays this winter, our cleverly abridged, 75-minute production will have audience members of all ages reeling with laughter. Antipholus and his lifelong companion, Dromio, search the world over for a long-lost twin. Everywhere they go, complete strangers insist they're the best of friends. Is everyone here quite mad? Mistaken identities abound, as one bewildering day in Ephesus makes for a bewitching time in the theater. Following each performance, you are invited to stay for a discussion with the entire cast, and mingle with them in the Lobby for informal conversations and photos. This production will most be enjoyed by those ages 10 and up.

In addition to the public performances on Saturday mornings, Short Shakespeare! The Comedy of Errors will also play to more than 30,000 students during weekday Team Shakespeare matinees—engaging middle and high school students in Shakespeare through the unmatched power of live performance.



Video: All the hilarity & hijinks—in just 75 minutes!

Gallery: Short Shakespeare! The Comedy of Errors

Gallery: The Short Shakespeare! Experience


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The Players

Creative Team

Eli Newell Director

David H. Bell Adaptation & Original Direction

Tom Burch Original Scenic Designer

Alan E. Schwanke Additional Scenic Elements

Ana Kuzmanic Costume Designer

Michelle E. Benda Lighting Designer

Eric Backus Sound Designer

Richard Jarvie Wig & Make-up Designer

Jonathan Bauerfeld Composer

Chaon Cross Verse Coach

Bob Mason Casting

 Stage Manager

Cathy Hwang Assistant Stage Manager

Megan Gray Assistant Director


Adam Wesley Brown Antipholus of Syracuse

Nora Carroll Adriana

Lillian Castillo Troupe Manager / Courtesan / Emilia

Samuel Douglas Second Merchant / Hamlet / Waiter

Phoebe González Luciana

Casey Hoekstra Antipholus of Ephesus

Sam Linda Dromio of Ephesus

Ian Maryfield Dromio of Syracuse

Jack D. Olin Waiter / Messenger / Jailer

Dan Plehal First Merchant / Officer / Waiter

Nima Rakhshanifar Angelo

Drew Shirley Egeon / Luce / Dr. Pinch

Laurence Stepney Duke of Ephesus / Balthazar

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