July 5

August 17, 2014

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music by Stephen Flaherty
lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
co-conceived by Lynn Ahrens,
Stephen Flaherty and Eric Idle
based on the works of Dr. Seuss
directed by Scott Weinstein

Critical Acclaim

   ½ This is a show that celebrates friendship and community as much as the power of the individual imagination, and proves that those qualities are not mutually exclusive. A combination assured performances and eye-popping stagecraft add up to a well-honed show with soul.”

Highly recommended! The best indication a family show is doing everything right is that the adults in the audience are as fully entranced as the tiniest tots. This was clearly the case at Seussical. A cast of stellar Chicago performers exuberantly tap into all the inspired naughtiness and sheer loopy frenzy of the Seussian world.”

“The lively musical cleverly intertwines plots and characters from 14 beloved Dr. Seuss books. The colorful, creative sets and costumes look straight out of Seuss’ pages, while the talented cast of just a dozen does great work transitioning between characters and musical styles. A fun outing for families! ”

“Lightening in a bottle... I would take my daughter every day, if I could. Not just for the intrinsic entertainment of it, but for the lessons it teaches. Use your imagination, even in the face of a world that tries to keep you from it, always believe in yourself no matter how the world tries to tear you down, a persons a person no matter how small, say what you mean and do as you say, you don’t need to be physically beautiful by others opinion to be beautiful! All those lessons are there, and made so tangible for a young audience without even trying.”

“Horton hatches a hit! Exuberantly staged with pop-up storybook fun and circus charm, this rollicking musical celebrates the virtue of taking care and taking charge. ”

“Highly Recommended! This 75 minutes of magic will take you into a world of true wonder. ”

Seussical is such an outstanding production—in staging, costumes, music, and acting—that it would be a shame to limit it to small fry. Adults should not miss it. You don’t have to be accompanied by offspring, and in fact, you don’t even have to have any prior knowledge of the works of Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss), to thoroughly enjoy the experience.”

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