Q Brothers Christmas Carol

December 7 - 23, 2021

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

written by Q Brothers Collective (GQ, JQ, Jax, Pos)
developed with Rick Boynton
directed by GQ and JQ

Victor Musoni


VICTOR MUSONI CHICAGO SHAKESPEARE: Debut. CHICAGO: America V2.1, Are you Ready to Smash White Things, No child (Definition Theatre); La Havana Madrid (Teatro Vista/Collaboraction Theatre Company); Fun Harmless War Machine (The New Coordinates); PYG: Or the Misedumacation of Dorian Belle, Blood at the Root (Jackalope Theatre Company); Columbinus (Steppenwolf Theatre Company); The Toilet, How We Got On (Haven Chicago); Luck of the Irish, The Q Brother’s Rome Sweet Rome (UIC). FILM: 6x9, WHOLE (Monty Cole). TELEVISION: 61st Street (AMC/BBC); Chicago Med (NBC). WEB SERIES/MUSIC VIDEO: Brujos (OTV); Young Lost Love, Sinner (StripMall Prods.).

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