February 18

April 10, 2016

at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

by WIlliam Shakespeare
directed by Jonathan Munby

Critical Acclaim

Chicago Sun-Times
Highly Recommended! Just when you might be convinced there is nothing more to be said or done with Shakespeare’s mighty tragedy, Othello, along comes British director Jonathan Munby’s utterly faithful, yet endlessly revelatory production for Chicago Shakespeare. Crystal clear, and shot through with military-generated testosterone that finds its counterpoint in several intriguingly played female characters, Munby has given us a thoroughly modern, meticulously cohesive, consistently engrossing take on the play without ever overreaching in his countless reminders of how Shakespeare is indeed “our contemporary.” Othello (James Vincent Meredith, measured and easy of bearing, and then quickly unhinged), is the imposing Moorish general in the Venetian army…beside Desdemona (the imposing Bethany Jillard, who brings an unusual degree of sexual energy to the role). And Iago (Michael Milligan, whose wildly coiled, knowingly evil and compulsively driven portrayal is the furious engine of this production), is plotting to destroy the general—masquerading as his ever-honest friend and confidante, and dripping poison at every turn.” Read full review

Captivating from start to finish...the emotions run high and this stellar cast, under the smooth direction of Munby, makes this a theatrical experience that will be a memorable one.”

The Guardian
(of 4) Profound…amazing night in the theater. Munby keeps this script driving forward to its awful climax.  Lindsay Jones’ sound design has the ear shattering roar of war, and the set design by Alexander Dodge takes us from the ultra modern Italian senator’s house to the battlefield ingeniously.  The details in the set are exquisite. The ensemble work here is magical.”

The Guardian
Magnificent! Shakespeare was a fully mature dramatist and poet when he wrote Othello, and the cast delivers some of his best language rivetingly. Those who are new to the play will have an ideal introduction to it, and those who know it will find it still holds surprises.

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