The Heir Apparent

November 29, 2015

January 17, 2016

in CST's Courtyard Theater

written by David Ives, adapted from
Le Légataire universel
by Jean-François Regnard
directed by John Rando

Critical Acclaim


The Heir Apparent is a good holiday laugh, replete with a crew of top-drawer farceurs under the most lively direction of John Rando. Although the characters inhabit the 18th century, their language and comedic sensibilities range freely across time and space. Ives is a craftsman and wordsmith to pull this off.”

A physical and verbal comedy. The moral of the story? You can’t take it with you, and love is far more valuable than money.” 

★★★★ (of 4) Comedic brilliance…Rando and Ives collaboration allows them to take the show over the top in true farce tradition, while still remaining emotionally true and resonant. And it is such a treat to hear the rare contemporary show in rhyme—it is classic and modern simultaneously. This show is a perfect all family pleaser, grandma and your teen will both love this romp.”

“Paxton Whitehead is very much at home in this demanding role. Years of experience have made him a master of style, smooth, clear enunciation and nicely-timed comic delivery. It’s a delicious treat to enjoy this fine actor in the Windy City, doing what he does best.” "

“Anyone who doesn't think playwright David Ives is a comic genius simply doesn't know funny. Mayhem unfolds through Ives' exquisite rhyming couplets…Rando's excellent cast executes these farcical hijinks with the exquisite timing of a hand-tooled Swiss watch.”

Ingenious…a seasoned cast with Rolex timing, a gleamingly polished script overflowing with clever wordplay, and an eye-popping set (designed by Kevin Depinet) that soars and stretches like a plywood Versailles.”

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