I, Shakespeare

I, Shakespeare


written by Tim Crouch
I, Cinna (the poet) directed by Tyrone Phillips
I, Banquo directed by Marti Lyons

I, Cinna (the poet) and I, Banquo are part of the I, Shakespeare series in which two of the playwright’s supporting characters are given the spotlight. The two solo performances will be available to stream at home later this winter. 

I, Cinna (The Poet)

It’s time to write the revolution. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the humble, apolitical poet Cinna hardly says a word before being mistaken for a conspirator against Caesar, and torn to pieces by an angry mob. Now Cinna searches for the subject of a new poem and invites us, the audience, to write along live in this searing exploration of words and actions, protests and power. The North American Premiere production is staged by Tyrone Phillips, founder and artistic director of acclaimed ensemble-based Definition Theatre.


I, Banquo

Overlooked and betrayed, Banquo had a rough go of it in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Now, reexamine the “Scottish Play” through the eyes of the title character’s murdered best friend. Banquo considers how he might have responded to the prophesies of the Weird Sisters had he been in Macbeth’s position—questioning his own motives, desires, and temptations. The production is staged by Marti Lyons, one of the most sought-after directors in American theater with extensive credits at DC’s Studio Theater, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Writers Theatre, and American Players Theatre.




Video: In Conversation with the Directors



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