October 23

November 4, 2018

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

A WorldStage event
from Colombia
directed by Felicity Simpson

A Note from the Director

by Felicity Simpson

We’re a team, we’re a family at Circolombia, we have no fear, no strife, and are leaping for life!

This is all about taking risks and having the courage to move forward. And, most importantly, it’s the girls who lead the way.

Colombia has a real dynamic force propelling it forward, and that force is human. Living for a couple of years in Bogotá where the pace of daily life is accelerated has influenced what we wanted to explore. And to question, with a focus on the artists’ positions in today’s world: are we Third World, First World, or a Brave New World?

For me, without doubt, we are the Brave. Circolombia’s motto is “Compartir es Vivir” or “To Share Is to Live.” So here we are, sharing. Our job is to provoke real emotions as you witness extraordinary feats performed live. Circus is the only art form where risking your life is a daily ritual. Thanks to the trust, confidence, and solidarity between us, Circolombia’s “circo-concierto” (circus concert) is a killer, no filler. It’s a magical world to which our artists are fully dedicated. Circolombia allows the audience to believe in the impossible. But, in truth, the magic behind circus is sheer hard work, determination, and courage.

Circolombia was first born in January 2006 from the distinct need of professional opportunites for graduates from Circo Para Todos in Colombia, the world’s first professional circus school for disadvantaged youth. Thanks to the Colombian Ministry of Culture, Circo Para Todos has since become Colombia’s National Circus School with two sites in Cali and Bogotá.

Uniting youth and celebrating their achievements in excellent and innovative productions is intrinsic to Circolombia, as is helping young people start their own journeys of self-discovery and development.

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