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Animated teddy bear Corduroy in green overalls jumping with arms raised on a green gradient background with the play's title in white text and the first ‘O’ stylized to resemble a green button with four holes.


JUN 18 - JUL 14, 2024

Introduce young ones in your life to the wonder of live theater with this 60-minute adventure inspired by the beloved children’s books.

A stylized cover of a book against a dark, textured wooden background. The book has a rich, brown, leather cover adorned with intricate golden designs and borders. At the center of the cover, a large title of the show in glowing, golden text. Above and below the main title, smaller golden text forms a ring encircling the primary title, and features the iconic inscription from the One Ring. In the bottom right corner, additional text credits the author of the source material.

The Lord of the Rings

JUL 19 - SEP 1, 2024

Journey to the magical realms of Middle-earth as J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy of books are brought to the stage in a US premiere musical.

A pair of well-worn, black combat boots positioned in front of large, bold white text of the name of the play. The boots are placed against a solid pink background. The left boot, which is partially untied, is propped up against the right boot. Affixed to the right boot is a small shield with a St. George's cross. Attached to the laces of the right boot is a pair of metallic dog tags, hanging down towards the ground, reflecting some light.

Henry V

SEP 6 - OCT 6, 2024

Artistic Director Edward Hall stages Shakespeare’s gripping tale of youthful ambition—exploring the thrill and destructive power of war.

Shirtless man standing on reflective surface under a deep blue background with large bold orange letter acronym for Royal Shakespeare Company. Underneath, in big bold white text, is the titular character's and play's name.


OCT 20 - DEC 8, 2024

The Royal Shakespeare Company returns to Chicago! RSC’s co-artistic director, Tamara Harvey stages the Bard’s mystical adventure.

The top half of the head of a young woman with brown skin and black hair with braids styled in an intricately braided bun on top of her head and white text on a red background. Every occurrence of the letter "I' in the title art has a textured pattern within the letters, resembling braided hair.

Jaja's African Hair Braiding

JAN 14 - FEB 2, 2025

Direct from Broadway! Love blossoms, dreams flourish, and secrets are revealed in a Harlem salon’s tight-knit community.

The image features writer and performer Michael Shayan, a man with a beard and glasses, depicted from the waist up, against a gradient background that transitions from green on the left to teal on the right. The person is wearing a luxurious, gold robe garment with wide sleeves and gold, glittering embroidery on the shoulders. They are standing with their left hand rested on their chest while their right hand is folded below, giving a gesture that suggests they might be laughing or smiling. Large white text depicting the name of the production is displayed prominently on the right side of the image, with a smaller text in Arabic script beneath it.


JAN 21 - FEB 9, 2025

Celebrate the Iranian-Jewish immigrant experience through traditions and humor in this touching tribute to the playwright’s mother.

Bold white text on a purple background, with decorative crescent moon shapes replacing the letter "D" within the title, and a partially hidden face winking surrounded by yellow flowers and greenery.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

FEB 8 - MAR 8, 2025

Experience all the exhilaration, foolishness, and delight of young love in just 75-minutes as magic enchantments turn the world upside down.

Blue gradient background, with foreground depicting a young man leaning and seated on a low wooden step wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with bold black text and light blue jeans and behind him, an enlarged monochromatic image of Laurence Olivier as Hamlet, also leaning.


MAR 13 - 23, 2025

From Lima, Peru! Young performers with Down syndrome blend the Bard’s text with personal anecdotes, pop music, and more

Orange background with centrally featured acoustic guitar, with detailed colorful design depicting silhouettes of a band playing instruments, overlaid with bold splashes of red, blue, and white. Adjacent to the guitar, large bold white text depicting title of show, with some letters designed to look like heeled boots. Below this, in smaller, blue text, are words styled to look like silhouettes of legs of band members of The Kinks in heeled boots.

Sunny Afternoon

MAR 21 - APR 27, 2025

Winner of 4 Olivier Awards! Take a rock-and-roll tour through the soaring triumphs and devastating lows of the iconic band, The Kinks.

The background is a bright gradient of red-orange, featuring a central image of two extended arms with fists bumping towards each other in the center and the skin tones of the arms are medium to dark brown.


APR 29 - MAY 25, 2025

Two middle-aged Black men explore the loyalties and betrayals of brothers, fathers, and sons in this profound tribute to male friendship.

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