Chicago Shakespeare Theater is always looking to meet new talent and we accept headshot/resume submissions throughout the year. We conduct Equity dramatic and musical general auditions every year in January. We conduct non-Equity dramatic and musical general auditions first in February and then at multiple other times of the year (posted on the League of Chicago Theatres website). For specific submission guidelines and more information please read below.

General Auditions

Equi​ty Actors: Equity Principal Auditions for the 2020/21 season have concluded. Dates for the 2021/22 Season EPAs will be announced in the late Fall of 2020. However, submissions are accepted year-round, and further general auditions are held through the year as-needed. The season is cast on a play-by-play basis.

Non-Equity Actors: Submissions for General Auditions for the 2020/21 season have concluded. However, submissions are accepted year round, and further general auditions are held through the year on an as-needed basis. If we are interested in seeing your work at a future audition, we will contact you or your representative. We often receive many more submissions than we have appointment times for; if it happens that you are not selected for an audition, we encourage you to resubmit in six months.

For out-of-town actors we prefer videotaped auditions for General Auditions. Please note in your submission that you live out of town, and we can provide instructions on how to submit a taped General Audition.

What to Prepare: Actors invited for a dramatic audition should prepare two contrasting monologues not exceeding three minutes in total length. One monologue should be classical (preferably Shakespeare) and one contemporary. Two contemporary monologues are acceptable if you are uncomfortable with classical work. Please do not let a lack of classical experience deter you from submitting. Chicago Shakespeare produces and develops work in a variety of genres, from Shakespeare to Sondheim to new work to hip hop. Actors preparing a musical audition should have 32 bars of a song (bring sheet music in your key; an accompanist will be provided) and one 90-second monologue, either Shakespeare or contemporary. Shakespeare should be performed in standard American dialect.

Submissions for a particular production

In-town Actors: If you are interested in a particular production,  please let us know by submitting your headshot/ resume and a short cover letter. Please specify the show and role you're interested in, and we will be happy to review and consider your request.

Out-of-town Actors: The need for out-of-town actors depends on the demands of each individual production. Auditions held outside the Chicago area are by invitation only; however, if you are interested in a particular production please let us know by submitting your headshot/ resume and a short cover letter, specifying the show and role you are interested in. Please let us know where you are based in your cover letter.

How to Submit: Both E-mail and US mail submissions are accepted. E-mail submissions must be formatted correctly in order to be considered:  Both your headshot and resume should be submitted as one attachment, and your contact information must appear on your resume. Any cover letter should be included in the body of your e-mail, not as a separate attachment. Requests should be sent to with the title of the production in the subject line.

A hard copy of your headshot/resume may be mailed to the attention of Casting Director, Bob Mason at:

Chicago Shakespeare Theater
ATTN: Casting 
800 East Grand Avenue on Navy Pier
Chicago, IL 60611

No phone calls, please.

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