CST Family

One in four audience members at CST is age 18 or under. Our CST Family Series presents a convergence of abridged Shakespeare productions, timeless fables and fairy tales, interactive music concerts and musical theater created with families in mind. For the tens of thousands of families who visit Navy Pier every year—each in search of an assortment of sights, sounds and entertainment—Chicago Shakespeare Theater offers a significant experience, introducing the art of performance, classic theater and a great time to young hearts and minds.

Family theater is a shared experience where children engage actively and viscerally in story-making. When stories express something meaningful about one’s emotional landscape or the horizons of a world the child is coming to know, the experience can be deeply illuminating and enriching.

One need not wait until adulthood to begin a discovery of Shakespeare’s works or other timeless tales. At CST, we believe the classics exist for the benefit of all, and as a guide throughout our lives. For parent and for child, these relationships can take root through our CST Family Series.

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