Ontroerend Goed's

Fight Night

October 23

November 4, 2018

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage Production from Belgium
written by Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, & the Cast
directed by Alexander Devriendt

A vital exploration of why we hang on to our democratic institutions despite their dysfunctions.

The Scotsman

A cross between Big Brother and an Italian general election.

The Sunday Independent (U.K.)

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The Play

Five candidates. One winner. You decide. This critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit from Belgium’s extraordinary Ontroerend Goed employs high-octane performance and hand-held voting technology to put the power into your hands. The candidates battle for your attention, sympathy, and approval. What will you learn about yourself, and how quickly you judge, or condemn, based on sound bites and appearances? In a world where beauty rules over all, nothing—not even politics—is safe from the cult of celebrity. Come play a game and find the line between democracy and the tyranny of the majority.

Fight Night is presented as part of Big in Belgium–Chicago, representing the next wave of boundary-pushing Flemish theater, which removes the barriers of the “fourth wall” and fuels dynamic engagement between artist and audience.


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Critical Acclaim

Fight Night "makes a precarious analysis of the consensus politics our democratic system has fallen into," hails De Morgen.
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An Introduction to Fight Night

A political and fun exploration in immersion wherein five actors compete for the vote of the spectators.
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About the Company

Ontroerend Goed, a Belgian company based in Ghent, explores the space between theater and performance.
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