September 12 - 22, 2018

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage Production from Belgium
directed & performed by Valentijn Dhaenens

One man and a few microphones morphs into an electrifying and transcendent piece of art.

Exeunt Magazine

A clever show that points out the slipperiness of language.

The Guardian (U.K.)

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The Play

Equipped with five microphones, his voice, and indefatigable energy, Valentijn Dhaenens pays tribute to the 2,500-year history of oration in this tour-de-force performance. The smash hit of Edinburgh Fringe Festival ingeniously weaves together fragments of seminal speeches ranging from Socrates and Muhammad Ali to General Patton and Osama bin Laden, revealing that the tricks of rhetoric have never changed. Dhaenens traverses across time, picking the right words to morph a weak argument and to win power and glory—or the hand of a beloved.

BigMouth is presented as part of Big in Belgium–Chicago, representing the next wave of boundary-pushing Flemish theater, which removes the barriers of the “fourth wall” and fuels dynamic engagement between artist and audience.


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Critical Acclaim

"This entire performance will render you utterly speechless," praises Exeunt Magazine.
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About the Company

SKaGeN has been producing highly successful plays in Flanders and the Netherlands since 2000.
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About the Creator

Valentijn Dhaenens co-founded SKaGeN after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Arts at the Hogeschool in Antwerp.
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