January 2015
US Premiere
Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare
A World’s Stage production from Belgium
one-of-a-kind live performance event
created and performed by Nick Steur

Absolutely, compellingly beautiful in its perfect focus on the radiant energy of the stuff that makes up our world

The Scotsman (UK)


The Play

Chicago Shakespeare Theater takes a leading role in the inaugural Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, presenting the US Premiere of this one-of-a-kind live performance event from the Netherlands. Creator and performer Nick Steur welcomes audiences as he artfully balances stones without glue or other manipulations. Winner of the Edinburgh Fringe First award in 2013, Freeze! blurs the line between performer and audience as all collectively experience the unexplainable harmony that comes from balance and focus. The Scotsman declares, “occasionally a show appears that has a poise, an authority, an inner strength so profound that it takes a rushing, hyperactive audience and moves it into a completely different place… slowing its heartbeats, making it pause, changing the way it breathes and sees. Nick Steur’s remarkable performance is one of those rare and beautiful shows.”

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