CST Leadership

Artistic Director
Barbara Gaines

Associate Artistic Director
Gary Griffin

Executive Director
Criss Henderson

Creative Producer
Rick Boynton



Artistic Associate/Casting Director
Bob Mason

Associate Producer
Heather Schmucker

Producing Associate
Marissa Schwartz

Casting Assistant
Laura Durham

Casting Intern
Jeremy Ehlinger



Director of Education and Communications
Ray and Judy McCaskey Education Chair

Marilyn J. Halperin

Education Outreach Manager
Jason Harrington

Learning Programs Manager
Molly Topper

Education Interns
Katherine Horstkotte
Evelyn Gale Jacoby



Director of Finance
Linda Orellana

Company Manager
Daniel J. Hess

Technology Manager
Jeanne DeVore

Database Administrator
Andrea Crain

Arts Leadership Fellows
Dottie Bris-Bois
Brett Elliott
Melissa Fagan
Doreen Sayegh

Assistant Director of Finance
Alana Rybak

Finance Associate
Dan Grycza
Kathryn Payne

Accounts Payable Manager
Alysse Hunter

Executive Assistant
Jill Fenstermaker



Director of Institutional Advancement
E. Brooke Flanagan

Associate Director of Advancement
Melissa Collins

Senior Advancement Officer
Hilary Odom

Major Gifts Officer
Margaret Reeder

Advancement Manager/Board Liaison
Kristen Caruso

Institutional Relations Coordinator
Samantha Decker

Annual Fund Coordinator
Christopher Pazdernik

Donor Relations Coordinator
Tara Smithberger



Director of Audience Development
Alida Szabo

Marketing Director
Julie Stanton

Marketing Associate
Tracy Domeracki

Public Relations Assistant
Hannah Kennedy

Graphic Designer/Production Artist
Adell Medovoy

Marketing Assistant/Office Administrator
Kenneth Keacher

Marketing Intern
Jennifer Jones



Director of Production
Chris Plevin

Assistant Director of Production
Erica L. Sandvig

Production Office Manager
Meryn Daly

Production Management Apprentice
Sean Kathleen Rocke

Production Administration Intern
Sarah Collins


Stage Management

Production Stage Manager/Associate Producer
Deborah Acker

Production Stage Manager
Dennis J. Conners


Stage Managers
Angela M. Adams
Amber Johnson
Lauren Batson
Kevin Dwyer
JoHannah Hail
Christopher Leck
Calyn Swain
Carrie Taylor

Stage Management Interns
Elizabeth Dauterman



Technical Director
Edward Leahy

Assistant Technical Director
Robert L. Wilson

Stage Crew Supervisor
Bruce Cooper

Stage Crew
Bradley Buri

Stage Crew Apprentice
Katie McBee

House Carpenters
Adam Held
Jack Birdwell
Amy Retartha
Nathan Serviss
Adam Todd



Costume Shop Manager
Ryan Magnuson

Costume Design Assistant
Cathy Tantillo

Crafts Supervisor
Melissa Bochat

Costume Shop Assistant/Rentals Manager
Emily Rose Goss

Jess Kenyon
Matthew Powell
Ariana Anderson
Jessica Doan
Amber Collins

Costume Shop Apprentice
Elizabeth Coffin

Costume Interns
Castille Ritter

Lise Stec
Beth Uber

First Hands
Robert S. Kuhn
Ruthanne Swanson

Ariana Anderson
Caitlyn de Araujo
Jessica Doan
Yas Maple
Amy Prindle
Sarah Varca

Craft Artisans
D.J. Reed
Meredith Miller
Dana Nestrick

Crafts Intern
Bridgid Danahy



Lighting Supervisor
Kristof Leopold

House Electricians
Joan E. Claussen


Eric Branson
Claire Chrzan
Jessica Goings
Jimmy Lis
Nicole Malmquist
Matt McMullen
Tristan Meredith
Kae Nosbisch
Nora Rubenstone
Elizabeth G. Smith
Cypress Staelin
Zoe Mikel-Stites
Christopher Wilham

Lighting Intern
David Goodman-Edberg



Sound Master
James Savage

Sound Engineer
Cristy Troia

Sound Crew
Daniel Carlyon
Jack Hawkins
Palmer Jankens
Paul Perry
Steven Ptacek
Alexandra Romberg
Andrew Sours

Sound Interns
Morgan Lake
Tyler Rogers


Wigs and Make-up

Head of Wigs and Make-up
Melissa Veal

Wig Run Crew
Katie Cordts

Wig and Makeup Assistant
Sarah Thuer

Wig and Makeup Apprentice
Miguel Perez



Properties Master
Amy Peter

Assistant Properties Master
Cassandra Westover

Properties Artisans/Carpenters
Sophia Briones
Elisabeth Greibel
Tara Smith

Properties Stage Crew
Dan Nurczyk

Properties Interns
Taylor Ely
Zach Faber



Theater/Facility Manager
Susan Knill

Facilities Assistant
Daniel Lopez

Custodial Supervisor
Elliott Lacey

Custodial Assistants
Maribel Cuevas
Israel Estrada
Richard Tenny


Ticketing, Guest Services and Events

Manager of Ticketing and Guest Services
Jeffrey Cass

Events Manager
Makeda Cohran

Front of House Supervisors
Will Cavedo
Seth Harman
Laura Mikulski

Concessions Supervisor
Mark Parker

Lead Guest Services Associates
Betsy Beams
Shelly Godefrin
Katie Nixon

Guest Services Associates
Phil Brankin
Aldo Bottalla
Evan Cartwright
Anthony Ducksworth
Matthew Hultgren
Ashley Miskoff
Lauren Nix
Hailey Palmer
Sharaina Turnage
Madison Tustin
Madeline Wakley
Alan Weusthoff

Saints’ Volunteer Usher Coordinators
Chris Simek
Sharon and Tom McLean


Call Center

Call Center Manager
Greg Hughes

Call Center Supervisor
Alex Higgin-Houser

Group Sales Coordinator
Nicholas Kern 

Administrative Coordinator
Dave Toropov

Call Center Representatives
Cody Bridges
Kraig Kelsey
Carlos Kmet
Mira Krivoshey
Andrew McLelland
Kate Powell
Caroline Reid
Peyton Robbins
Amber Wright


Consultants and Special Services

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Fundraising Consultant
Campbell and Company

Marketing Partner
Arc Worldwide, A Leo Burnett Company

Medical Services
Medical Program for Performing Artists/ Aaron R. Gilbert, M.D.

Insurance Services
Aon Private Risk Management, Steven Hein

Legal Services
Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, LTD.

Regina Buccola, PhD

Guest Lecturers
Stephen Bennett, PhD
Beatrice Bosco, PhD
Elizabeth Charlebois, PhD
Brett Foster, PhD
Ira Murfin, MFA
Elizabeth Rodriguez, MA

Peter Bosy
Michael Brosilow
Bill Burlingham
Liz Lauren
Micheal Litchfield
Chuck Osgood
James Steinkamp

Video Production
HMS Media, Inc.

Public Relations Consultant
Cathy Taylor

Sales and Fundraising Consultant
Melissa Gutridge, Voices for the Arts, Inc.





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