February 26

March 22, 2015

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by David Greig
directed by Roxana Silbert
from the National Theatre of Scotland
and Royal Shakespeare Company

Critical Acclaim

"     …an irresolvable drama about an irresolvable conflict—a work of compelling intelligence, provocation and wit."

"     Instead of being an intriguing exercise in reimagining history, the play becomes the frankly thrilling spectacle of one of the country's leading writers using its biggest stage as the great public forum of debate…If it's riveting spectacle, challenging ideas and human drama you want, this is the show to see."

"A powerful, relevant and fascinating production."

"     [Writer David] Greig combines a clever, richly enjoyable bourgeois update of history with a strand of dark, beautiful poetry that disturbs the soul; and also a use of the Gaelic language that hints at a whole surviving Scottish culture just beneath the surface of the play, and beyond the grasp of the invaders…"

Edinburgh Evening News
"      There's a breathtaking intensity to the dialogue that accompanies Gruach's seductive hold over Siward, whose own growing vulnerability mirrors that of the young inexperienced soldiers who are beginning to question their purpose in this unforgiving land.

David Greig's writing is both funny and poignant throughout…Beautifully paced, engrossing drama."

"     A slow-burning and profound meditation on life in a land occupied and overseen by some misguided force that can only end in a stubbornly personal war of attrition…
Dunsinane is a play rich in ideas and metaphor that lays bare the loyalties, betrayals and complexities of politics enough to aspire to state of the nation status. Whose nation, however, is anybody's guess."

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