"I take away ‘Monday-ready’ activities, but I am also re-energized about teaching challenging texts and empowering my students to interpret those texts."
Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL

Recognizing the educator’s pivotal role in shaping the experience for hundreds of learners, in class after class and year after year, the cornerstone of CST’s education efforts resides in strategically supporting the work of English teachers in schools across our city and the country. Two central tenets guide our work: first, that Shakespeare’s plays are most enjoyed as active storytelling and, second, that the skills of theater practitioners—fluency, imagination, visualization—are skills that any strong reader must rely upon. CST is proud to have served as a partner in literacy over the past two decades. These innovative approaches help our students authentically engage with some of the most challenging language that students and teachers confront in the curriculum.


Access teaching activities and resources that can support your students’ study of Shakespeare. 


Free teacher workshops are offered throughout the year. Our on-site Teacher Resource Center offers a specialized collection of materials for teaching Shakespeare in the high school and middle school classroom.





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