Theater Zuidpool's


August 21 - 22, 2016

Thalia Hall

A World's Stage Production
from Belgium
composition by Mauro Pawlowski + Tijs Delbeke

Critical Acclaim


Again a startling Zuidpool-creation... it does provoke wayward theater. Shakespeare’s prolixity has been cleverly cut down to the solos and duets between Macbeth and his ardent Lady. Not often in the past was the dim discomfort of Macbeth so precisely touched upon.”

Never seen anything like this before...Theater Zuidpool transforms Shakespeare’s Macbeth into an underground-like opera, provocative and modulating with an arsenal of musical genres, and poetry used as a weapon. Marvelous guitar solos, lively beats, country, improvisation. It is music talking, words singing, actors opening up higher realms with their voices..” 

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An organic synthesis of text (spoken and sung), a sharp sonority that fascinates in its direct rawness... the performers are extraordinary...

An impressively cruel performance that combines audio play, hardrock, pop concert and theatre classics, melting them into a great Gesamtkunstwerk."

“Rough rock, partybeats and country mingle with the impassioned expression of the players. The ensemble is painstaking. They stand as one band and bring Shakespeare’s musical poetry to life. This Macbeth shows how you can move the boundaries of theatre without using far-fetched concepts."


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