Theater Zuidpool's


August 21 - 22, 2016

Thalia Hall

A World's Stage Production
from Belgium
composition by Mauro Pawlowski + Tijs Delbeke

About Theater Zuidpool

Theater Zuidpool is Belgian theatre company from artistic directors Jorgen Cassier, Koen van Kaam and Sofie Decleir—all actors, musicians, directors, translators, writers in their own right. Known for its surprising and uncompromising works, Zuidpool explores material from a wide variety of eras, traditions and media. Since 2005, they have created more than 20 productions, from classical Greek repertoire and Shakespeare to Goethe and Hölderlin, Tsvetajeva and Beckett to Hrabal, Norèn and Fosse. In addition to text-based theatre, they have created a dance performance of Salomé, music/theater performances based on the works of Vladimir Vissotsky and Metallica, and an concert version of Macbeth using the original Shakespearean language, all highly acclaimed by audiences, critics and festivals in Belgium and abroad.

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