January 22

February 3, 2019

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage Production from Belgium
written & directed by Carly Wijs

★★★½ Empowering. If you're interested in the therapeutic value of storytelling, I doubt you'll move a muscle


Try everything in your power to see Us/Them...brings to vivid life the shattering story of what happened. Utterly captivating.


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The Play

Following acclaimed engagements in the UK, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, Brussels-based BRONKS now takes the stage in the theater Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare. Beslan, Russia, September 2004: Chechen separatists storm a school, taking hundreds of children hostage in a deadly three-day siege. What unfolds onstage is not a recounting of the tragedy, but rather a stunning, intricately choreographed exploration of the unique way that young people cope with extreme situations. Told through the eyes of a young girl and boy, this exquisitely haunting, sometimes funny, always beautiful piece of physical theater reveals how for children, things that seem incomprehensible to adults have their own logic. The UK’s Total Theatre Magazine declares, "Work of this quality and intelligence and tenderness reminds us that this is why we make theatre; this is why we watch theatre. And breathe."

Us/Them is presented as part of a series of three pioneering works that represent the next wave of boundary-pushing International theater—fueling a dynamic engagement between artist and audience.



Video: Meet Gytha Parmentier

Video: “The unforgettable highlight of the Edinburgh Fringe” (The Telegraph)

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Critical Acclaim

“A crisp, witty, playful and stylish piece of physical theatre," Edinburgh Fringe Festival praises.
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About the Company

BRONKS is a Brussels-based art house with an emphasis on theater for a young audience.
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Interview with the Creator

Carly Wijs has written and created plays, and has performed as a film and theater actress internationally.
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The Players

Creative Team

Carly Wijs Playwright & Director/Co-Creator

Thomas Vantuycom Co-Creator

Stef Stessel Designer

Thomas Clause Lighting Designer

Peter Brughmans Sound Designer

Mieke Versyp Dramaturg


Gytha Parmentier Performer

Roman Van Houtven Performer

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