Ontroerend Goed


February 2 - 13, 2022


a WorldStage production from Belgium
by Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, Aurélie Lannoy, Karolien de Bleser and Samir Veen
directed by Alexander Devriendt  

About the Show

These are confusing times. We hear it everywhere. We ourselves can sense it. In times of confusion, the need for something to hold onto is at an all-time high. We’d love to hear a simple explanation, or an unambiguous answer which silences the feelings of fear and powerlessness brought about by our contemporary society. This uncertainty is the ideal breeding ground for media manipulation, populist ideas and conspiracy theories. 

Many of us realize that these clear answers are not available. Yet, daily, we’re confronted with people who don’t think the way we think, from corona-sceptics on social media to climate change deniers. The rise of Trump, the 70 million votes for him in the latest elections, the choice for Brexit, the revival of the extreme right-wing party Vlaams Belang… time and again, these phenomena confirm that the "other" is diametrically opposed to us. That "they’" are the voice of an overwhelming majority and we only find connections in our small bubble. 

However, to what extent do we really differ from this "other", to what extent is our bubble really that small? Writers like Rutger Bregman, Yuval Noah Harari and Steven Pinker are increasingly questioning the so-called malicious nature of humankind. Recent insights in the domain of psychology, economy and biology are pointing in a different direction. Statements like "most people are good-natured" or "the better angels of our nature" still clash with set ideas that determine our world view. 

With TM, Ontroerend Goed creates a performance that mostly wants to connect with "the other". Not to focus on the differences in world view, but on what unites us. Besides a comforting thought, TM is mostly a call to contemplate what really matters. To allow our fear where it’s justified, and to push us into action.  

TM is an individual performance. One actor, one spectator. Through a series of questions and assignments, we will check whether the spectator is a potential member of the organization. The conversation allows the audience to consider their feelings of powerlessness and gauges their personal worldview. The absurdity of the questions fired at the spectators checks their candidature. Are they one of those who show reluctance about the idea to hurt another human being? Are they prepared to believe that this organization counts many members? More than they’d dare to think? 

The actor and interviewee join in a quest throughout the contemporary issues that dominate the news broadcast. How do we shape our opinion about the outer world and the other and are we prepared to alter it?  

If you’re wondering how you can become a member, we’re happy to invite you to an explorative talk, under no obligation. 

First consult = free. 

— Ontroerend Goed 

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