Ontroerend Goed


February 2 - 13, 2022


a WorldStage production from Belgium
by Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, Aurélie Lannoy, Karolien de Bleser and Samir Veen
directed by Alexander Devriendt  

★★★★ A show that tears up theatre's rulebook

The Guardian (UK)

An intense solo experience unlike anything I have ever experienced

Den 4. Væg (Denmark)

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Embark on a unique interactive experience with TM: an individual performance between one actor and one spectator. Through a series of questions and assignments, you will explore contemporary issues that dominate the news broadcast. TM invites you not to focus on the differences in world view, but on what unites us. Created by acclaimed Belgian theatermakers Ontroerend Goed in collaboration with theaters from across the globe, this singular experiment explores media manipulation, populist ideology, and conspiracy theories. Allegiances are tested and assumptions blown apart.

TM marks the return of the celebrated WorldStage series, bringing the world's most exciting theatrical events to Chicago Shakespeare audiences and exporting the Theater's signature productions to global destinations.


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About the Show

In TM, you and the actor join in a quest to connect with "the other". How do we shape our opinion about the outer world—and are we prepared to alter it?
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Critical Acclaim

“Ontoerend Goed only needs half an hour to make you believe in the fundamental goodness of strangers (again). That is more provocative than it sounds.” –De Standaard (BE)
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What to Expect

The performance is interactive and designed to be done independently. Each ticket holder will experience the show on their own laptop or desktop through a unique link.
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The Players

Creative Team

Alexander Devriendt  Director

Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, Aurélie Lannoy, Karolien De Bleser, Samir Veen  Text

David Williamson, Nick Mattan Design

Nick Mattan Costumes

David Williamson, Angelo Tijssens Video

Adélaïde Desnoë, Gregory Trowbridge, Sébastien Brothier  Software created by Upian in Ohyay

Senjan Jansen  Sound

Pepijn Mesure, Sarah Feyen  Technical support

Charlotte Nyota Bischop, David Bauwens, Marie Peeters Production

Caspar Sonnen, Toby Coffey  Special advisers

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