Blind Summit's

The Table

October 17 - 27, 2013

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

A World's Stage production from England
Devised and Directed by
Blind Summit Theatre

    A really terrific show… not to be missed!

Chicago Tribune

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The Play

Meet Moses, a cantankerous puppet with a cardboard head immersed in an existential crisis on a table. Intended to be a theatrical interpretation of the biblical story of Moses, The Table is performed by a grizzled, crotchety old man—but the grumpy puppet narrator strays far from the planned storyline. Blind Summit, theatrical innovators who have created puppetry for Anthony Minghella, Complicité and Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony, presents epic puppetry drawing on the Japanese Bunraku style. Hilarious, beautiful and occasionally profound, it is performed completely on the table top with multiple, visible puppeteers who improvise and interact with each other and the audience. Blind Summit’s remarkable artists breathe poignant life into the character, revealing something of ourselves in the cardboard, wood and fabric creation onstage.



Video: Meet Moses, the star of The Table

Blind Summit’s The Table


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Japanese Style Adult Puppetry

For those who think all puppets are cute, furry and just for kids, Blind Summit offers a radical new look at the art form you grew up with.
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Director’s Note

The existential inquiry into the nature of man and of God seemed to be a very suitable one for exploring with a puppet and three puppeteers.
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About Blind Summit

The company was formed in 1997 by Mark Down and Nick Barnes to reinvent traditional Japanese Bunraku for contemporary western audiences.
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The Players

Creative Team

Mark Down Director

Nick Barnes Puppet

Lemez and Friedel Music

Richard Howell Lighting

Andrew Dawson Artistic Consultant


Mark Down Cast

Sean Garratt Cast

Irena Stratieva Cast

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