Subscriber Benefits

Only Chicago Shakespeare Subscribers are guaranteed the best seats at the very best price—and a host of benefits that enhance your theater-going experience all season long. From personalized service to exclusive exchange privileges, subscribers experience world-class theater at its finest.


  • Savings over single ticket prices
  • Tickets as low as $30 for select performances


  • Choose a classic package, or mix and match plays to create your own
  • Flexible ticket exchanges for all plays in your subscription package
    (for Create Your Own Subscriptions, a $3 per ticket exchange fee applies)
  • Exchange your tickets up to 24 hours before your performance.
  • Request ticket exchanges online 24/7.

Discounted Parking

  • 40% off guaranteed parking in Navy Pier garages—just outside the Theater doors.

First-Class service

  • Lost tickets replaced at no extra cost
  • Complimentary Coat Check
  • Priority Pub Service—order your drinks before the show and they'll be waiting for you at Intermission.


  • Save 20% at RIVA Crab House on Navy Pier, or choose from the special prix fixe menu.
  • Enjoy special discounts at additional partner restaurants on and near Navy Pier


  • Save 10% at the Bookstall at CST.


  • A variety of audience enrichment opportunities—including post-show discussions, scholar lectures and online resources.

Insider Access

  • Subscribers receive priority access to special engagements beyond the subscription series.
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