Short Shakespeare!


January 22

March 5, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by William Shakespeare
adapted and directed by David H. Bell

On Your Way Home

Watching a play is an interactive experience raising lots of questions, thoughts and ideas. Talk about them on your way home!

Sound Advice
After you've seen Macbeth, talk about times when you've had to make a hard decision in your own life. Who helped you decide to do one thing or the other? Did you ask advice or decide on your own? Who gave Macbeth advice in the play? Whom do you think he should have listened to?

Ghostly Visions
During the banquet scene, Macbeth sees the ghost of his friend Banquo, whom he had killed. Why do you think Macbeth saw the ghost? Why would Shakespeare have put that scene in the play? Do you think that Macbeth just imagined a ghost or that Banquo really appeared to him? If you were writing lines for Banquo's ghost, what would you have him say to Macbeth?

Which Way Is Witch?
Many people debate what the Witches want in Macbeth. Why would the Witches tell Macbeth their prophecies? Why does Shakespeare include Witches in the play at all? Some believe the Witches are trying to trick Macbeth; others say they simply tell the truth and Macbeth does what he wants to do. The three Witches are also called the "Weird Sisters." An Old English word for fate is "wyrd," leading some to believe the Witches represent destiny and fate, leaving Macbeth no choice in the matter. What do you think? Do you believe in fate?

Comic Relief!
Sometimes life can be tough. Macbeth is considered a tragedy, but in the darkest of times a little humor can go a long way. Just after Macbeth murders King Duncan, we hear a loud, insistent knocking and we meet the Porter, introducing comedy at a very dark moment. What did you feel when you first heard the knocking? Did your feelings change after you met the Porter? Think about how you felt after spending a few minutes in the Porter's company. Why do you think Shakespeare would want us to laugh right after the murder of the King? Can you think of examples from other stories where comedy comes at an unexpected moment in the storytelling? Have you ever laughed when something scary or sad just happened?

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