Song of the Goat's

Songs of Lear

September 13 - 18, 2016

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

A World's Stage Production
from Poland
directed by Grzegorz Bral
composed by Jean-Claude Acquaviva + Maciej Rychły

About Song of the Goat Theatre

Established in 1996 by Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycki, Song of the Goat Theatre (Teatr Pieśń Kozła) has developed an international reputation as one of Europe’s most innovative training-based theatre companies, committed to researching what makes theatre distinctive to other art-forms. From its base in Wroclaw, Poland, the Company constantly develops its approaches and performances with the aim of unlocking theatre’s power to offer audiences a profound experience that can reaffirm their own sensitivity and humanity. Song of the Goat Theatre’s ever-evolving training, rehearsal and performance process are treated as laboratories, enabling the Company to research the craft of the actor and director and to evolve new techniques, performance languages and work. A distinctive element of the Company’s practice is a search for connection, meeting and openness as the seeds of authentic experience. This commitment to connection informs the development of each new training approach, which always seeks to integrate movement, voice, song and text, creating performance that has an inherent musicality and connects with the audience on a sensory level.

Through this training-based theatre, the Company continues to enrich not only its own practice and performance, but also to invest in the artistic development of the actors and practitioners it collaborates with. Song of the Goat Theatre has developed a major profile for the quality and distinctiveness of its pedagogical work, which is an integrated part of the Company’s approach – a way to enrich as well as to disseminate its own practice.

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