Shrek The Musical

July 13

September 1, 2013

in CST's Courtyard Theater

book and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire
music by Jeanine Tesori
directed and choreographed
by Rachel Rockwell

An Onion's Layers

Shrek tells Donkey that “Ogres are like onions” – not because they stink (though that may be true), but because onions and ogres “both have layers. There’s more to Shrek that what he shows on the outside. As you watched the play, what layers of Shrek’s personality did you discover?  Write what you found out!

  • The outside layer of the onion – write how Shrek acts when he meets someone for the first time.
  • The middle layer – write things that Shrek’s friends learn about him as they get to know him.
  • The onion’s center – write a secret wish that you think Shrek may have. By the end of the play, does that secret wish come true?

What would your layers reveal about you? Write about your layers by answering these questions!

  • The outside layer of the onion – What can people learn about you when they meet you for the first time?
  • The middle layer – What are some things that someone might learn about you after they get to know you? (A hidden talent, perhaps?)
  • The onion’s center – What is one wish or dream you hope will happen in your future?

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